Help!! Putting my dog to sleep

dog-to-sleepPlease help me to know I am making the right decision. My dog, Sophie, tore her ACL in April. She had surgery which did not go well. She wound up needing 2 more surgeries and the surgeon said he had never seen such arthritic tissue in all his years of practicing medicine.

Since then, Sophie has gone from bad to worse. I tried swimming therapy with her and even took her to a pet physical therapist to try a water treadmill. It did no good and then she tore her other ACL. I have been carrying her out to go to the bathroom and up to this point, she was able to basically do a “hand stand” while going.

For Christmas, I purchased a doggie wheelchair but poor Sophie can’t move in it. It seems like her front legs are going as well. When I take her outside, she just cries if I try to stand her up to go. I am planning on taking her to a Veterinarian on Friday and, more than likely will have him put her to sleep.

Sophie is only 10, and before her accident behaved like a puppy. She still has an appetite and loves getting her belly rubbed, but everyone around me thinks I am holding on more for me than her.

Please give me your opinions. Thanks.


Hi there: I, too, am going through similar issues. My 10 1/2-year-old cocker spaniel is recently experiencing leg issues. About a month ago, she was playing catch and her right leg went out on her. It wasn’t causing her any pain….so I didn’t see the need to rush her to the Veterinarian. She has been coping okay by limping..although, I knew I needed to take her to the Veterinarian soon. Well, last night when I got home, her left back leg was completely out too. She can not walk on it at all…and when she tries, you can literally hear cracking and popping. It is so sad.

I called the Veterinarian and explained a few things and will take her in tomorrow. But the thoughts run through my mom about financial loss for any surgeries that may be a temporary fix. And she is 10 12…she is not 5 anymore. Do I spend money, that I do not have, to fix an issue that is not going to give her immortality? If I fix her issues(and go into severe debt by doing so) what is the next issue that will come because of her age?

Basia(is her name) has been my child since the day she was born. The day she was born, I went over to the breeders to pick her out. From day 0-4 weeks I would go over there once a week to pick her up and bring her home for an hour nap. Finally, at 4 weeks, the breeder told me I could take her home.

We have been together since. She has undergone 2 surgeries…she suffers from epilipsy…but her spirit is young and healthy. I have been single the bulk of the 10 years and do not have any kids. So, SHE HAS BEEN MY LIFE.

The thought of not having her around breaks my heart. But I don’t know if I would be selfishly holding on to her for me or if its time to put her down before she completely falls apart? Or I awake one day to find her dead on the floor?

This is the hardest decision ever.

I am sorry that I rambled about my own situation without expressing a sincere apology for your own tragedy.

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