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My 14-year-old dog is having problems getting up and down. It appears it either hurts or his joints are really stiff. Is there an over the counter drug safe for me to give him to alleviate some of the stiffness or joint pain. I don’t want to give him steroids. I did that with my last dog and it ended up more harm then help. Our dog, an eleven-year-old boxer mix, started acting funny the past couple of days. She wants to go outside but then doesn’t want to come in. She will just sit (even though it is in the single digits temperature-wise) and has to be carried in. Inside, she has become very clingy (won’t leave our side), pants a lot, and shakes. Any clues from anyone will help. Waiting for Veterinarian to open to make an appointment to take her in, but would like to hear advice in meantime. I’m sort of a newb with dogs and I got a new puppy and it whines allot and its not really moving allot but it comes out some times but it looks really tired most of the time it just stays there and while it sleeps it has spasms and I have no idea why I need help


my eight years old Maltese just had surgery to remove these stones…he has been taken off his normal food and I must switch him…slowly to either royal canin or hill’s pres. s/d….etc…last night I tried the royal canin ..just a bit and this morning..he threw up…

I was instructed to switch his treats to carrots and apples…he won’t touch them

I will be trying the other dog food in about two days…

my question…has anyone had this problem and if so did they solve it…the new food will enable the stones to dissolve….

the surgery was very expensive and I can’t afford to continually have the surgeries…

btw six months ago he had stones taken out also..they were oxalate…different ones….

thank you…gail and max…


does my dog have anxiety issues?
I’m very worried about my dog anna. she is a jack russel/black lab mix if you can believe it. she is about 8 yrs old. recently she has been having what I would call panic attacks. for no reason she will suddenly become very nervous, start looking around the room like something has scared her and then she will go and hide, sometimes under the bed or table and sometimes she just hides under our legs. this can last for hours or off and on for a few days at a time. and it happens about once a week. also, we have noticed a small hard bump close to the opening of one of her ears. we have made a date with the Veterinarian but it isn’t for another week. is there any advise.


More information, please. How old is your puppy? What breed or mix? Are there any other symptoms? Does puppy urinate normally? Is it eating/drinking? Have you noticed any vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, runny nose? Do you have a fat little puppy, or a skinny puppy with a fat, bloated belly?

One thing I can comment on, though. Those spasms when the puppy is sleeping could be shivering because he’s cold, or they could be the normal movements puppies make when they dream. When they’re dreaming they will tremble, their legs make running movements, their ears twitch, and they might whine, yip, bark or growl. One way to tell if the puppy is dreaming is to look at his eyelids. If he’s dreaming you can see his eyeballs moving around under the lids, like he’s watching a movie or something.

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