Why Should I Use Wool Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers are manufactured in various materials, including natural ones such as cotton, feather, wool, … and manmade ones such as memory foam, lotex, …. Since material is one of the most important feature to estimate the best mattress topper, each type of material has its own strengths and some disadvantages. This article is about wool mattress and why you should get a wool mattress topper as well as which people is best suitable with a wool mattress topper

Wool mattress topper is an organic material product which is very friendly with environment. The wool is one of the best and most favorite materials in making bedding products. Wool carries plenty of benefits including environmentally safe, hypoallergenic, relaxing, heat regulating, comfortable, soft, dust mite, mildew, mold and water resistant, flame resistant, etc. and here are three most outstanding advantages of a wool mattress topper.

A wool mattress topper is ideal in softening your firm mattress.

wool mattress topper

3″ Organic Wool Mattress Topper

If you have a solid mattress that make you uncomfortable and suffer a lot of pains during sleep, adding a wool mattress topper is the best idea. The wool material is perfect for improve the softness and fluffiness for your mattress. Lying on a wool mattress topper is like lying on the cloud, really smooth, flexible, comfy and pleasant. The cushioning feeling when using wool mattress topper can help sleepers cure or reduce their back and joint pains as well as enjoy the most comfortable sleep ever.

The softening and cloud-like function of wool mattress topper is very suitable for sleeper having some existing muscle aches or affected by the firm mattress. It is also highly recommended for the bed of massage centers or therapists used for their patients. A wool mattress topper is ideal for people having fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis; suffering some bodily injuries; or wants to relieve some pressure points.

A wool mattress topper is a great heat regulator

The fiber of wool mattress topper works like a magic in controlling temperature and balancing the heat. In winter nights, the fiber in the wool topper can trap the body heat by keeping all the air inside, which helps you feel warm during your sleep. But in hot summer, the hollow fibers of wool topper work as a moisture sucker, allowing the topper to remove all the sweat of your body and help you cool and dry all night. The specific feature of wool mattress topper is its ability to adjust and regulate the exterior heat with your body temperature. That’s why you always feel cool when the weather is hot and warm in cold winter.

Some other types of mattress toppers are complained that they tend to overheat during the sleep, but this problem never happen to wool toppers. And everyone loves a mattress topper that can control the heat and know when to cool down the temperature and when to keep the heat to warm up. So this function seems to be good for everyone. But it is perfectly suitable for people frequently overheat and sweat during the night, for babies, children and maybe overweight sleepers.

A wool mattress topper is hypoallergenic

Wool is a 100% organic material. And people nowadays prefer natural products, because it will not cause allergy and it is safe for health. Wool mattress topper is designed to reduce allergens from dust mites and mold – the two most popular factors causing allergy. The excellent fibers in wool topper is waterproof and also great in absorb moisture which eliminate the growth of dust mites, mildew, etc.

Beside, wool mattress topper is a totally chemical- free product. 100% of its components are from nature. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sleeping with tons of toxic or smelling and breathing chemical odors. It is completely supportive for your health and creates an anti-allergic and toxin-free sleeping environment for you. Besides, the non-toxic and no chemicals in wool make it safe from fire. In fact, wool is itself a natural fire resistant material.

It is pretty relived when knowing that your mattress topper is made from 100% soft fine hair of sheep and has no chemical. Moreover, using this natural material is a way of protect our environment. You will feel satisfied and proud when using an environmentally safe and friendliness product.

Below is a review video for a wool mattress topper, you should watch it to have a closer look at wool topper:


Besides these three huge benefits, using wool mattress topper will bring you more a lot of advantages, including its long durability, getting easy for moving or lifting, luxurious appearance, light weight, washable ability, etc.

You can read more about wool topper and mattress topper reviews at www.thebestmattresstopper.com, this is one of the most usefull review website for mattress topper buyer that I really want to recommend to you.

About 90% of customers whom purchased a wool mattress topper find satisfaction when using it. It indicates the high quality and wonderful of wool topper. With those amazing benefits, you really should find for yourself a best wool mattress topper.




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